A standard Vario kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 35 and 60 degrees out of the box; enough flexibility to cover most applications. Other angles are available on request.
Vario illuminators achieve longer illumination distances and allow cameras to produce better images than traditional LED illuminators thanks to elliptical beam patterns with hot-spot reduction technology (HRT). The HRT system delivers a highly diffused, elliptical beam shape to deliver more light where it is needed, generating both longer distances by minimizing light wastage and reducing overexposure of foreground objects.
An optional hand held remote control is available for Vario. A single remote can operate multiple units and delivers access to advanced features including an LED status indictor to report the operational status of the illuminator. With set-up from ground level possible, the remote control makes installation quicker, easier and safer. 
VARIO illuminators are available in Infra-Red and White-Light and are powered directly from 12-24V. Raytec’s VARIO is available from Pacific Communications and DAS.

Distributor: Pacific Communications
Contact: 61 3 9676 0222