The core of SiPass is the AC5100 advanced central controller, which can be programmed with up to 500,000 cardholders and up to 96 doors. It’s designed for flexibility and that means you get 6 separate field level network (FLN) channels. Each FLN is capable of hosting up to 16 local devices for access control monitoring input devices or controlling output devices. With a range of input and output modules and supporting software solutions and extensions, there’s plenty of room to move. 
The ACC5100 also has a diagnostic port that provides a direct connection to its microprocessor to facilitate the download of operating instructions (firmware). Firmware updates can be made without having to visit the controller cabinets. Communication to the host system occurs via a 10/100Mb Ethernet connection. This allows communications over any WAN or LAN where devices on the network can be assigned a unique IP address. There’s also multimedia alarm reporting. 
For installers programming up SiPass is a simple process. Software installation takes just 7 clicks and all the access control components are automatically detected and immediately made ready for operation, including the dual reader controllers and the card readers.
SiPass networked can be expanded to a maximum of 8 door control units, which means that up to 16 doors can be monitored and controlled in two-door mode. If all controllers operate in one-door mode (with entry and exit readers), a maximum of 8 doors can be monitored and controlled.
Distributor: Alarmcorp
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