iMegaPro cameras feature ‘Sense Up+’ technology which successfully combats the key disadvantagesof most other HD IP cameras; namely poor low light sensitivity and motion blur.Sense Up+ does not rely on frame integration so the problem of motion blur iseliminated.

The iMegaProseries II range utilizes a highly sensitive 1080P CMOS sensor, capable ofstreaming stunning video at 30 FPS. Series III offers a 3MP at 15 FPS option.Each camera produces four independent video streams at a recording rate of upto 30FPS. The benefits associated mean different streams can be used fordifferent applications, depending on the users requirements. For example,smaller files sizes can be optimized for mobile device viewing.

Further featuresinclude Region of Interest (ROI), where a designated area within a camera viewcan record at a higher FPS; e-Tour which enables a digital PTZ within thecamera video stream; Weighted Mode where the video FPS on alarm is higher; IRillumination up to 60m; and alarm activation by motion, tamper, face and audiodetection.

Each cameraoffers 8 privacy zones, PoE and uses LILIN’s outstanding GUI for user-friendlyintegration, configuration and operation. The entire iMegaPro range is ONVIFcompliant and compatible with most leading CMS solutions.

Distributor:Merit LiLin