The growing switch to GSM is something Aussie installers must keep uppermost in their minds as the PSTN network is turned off and dialler becomes obsolete. 

Since the technology’s release, alarm owners have the ability to manage a security system from a smartphone or mobile tablet, allowing consumers to stay connected to their homes from any location. 

Consumers can expect even better service offerings in the future, according to Gordon Hope, general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet communications network.

“GSM networks are continuing to evolve, as we’re seeing with the advent of 3G and 4G radios,” he says. 

“That means home and business owners will best be served using radios capable of handling a variety of network speeds. That has been one of the primary drivers of Honeywell’s product roadmap.

“Everyone knows that any technology is almost outdated the minute it leaves the store, but you can’t afford to have an outdated security system,” Hope says. 

“Our GSM solutions help shepherd in the next wave of alarm radios because it improves system longevity, even with a constant churn of technology. That peace of mind is hard to replicate.”