Dallmeier Panomera
PANOMERA is Dallmeier’s camera technology for surveillance of very large areas. It offers a panoramic overview with real-time HD recording, significantly reducing infrastructure requirements. Projects such as airports, sporting arenas etc previously requiring huge numbers of cameras, can now be covered with Panomera. Unlike megapixel systems, Panomera uses H.264 encoding to deliver up to 51 megapixels in real time. Panomera won the coveted CCTV Camera Equipment of the Year Award at the 2011 IFSEC show in Birmingham UK. The first actual showing of Panomera in Australia will be at the Security 2012 show. 
Distributor: C R Kennedy 
Contact: 03 9823 1555
Stand: C38 
Siemens SiPass Integrated
SIPASS integrated is an advanced access control system. Its superior range of security features ensures that it is an ideal access control solution for any application regardless of size or complexity.
SiPass integrated MP2.6 is the latest release that combines advanced access control with easy yet powerful connectivity to video, intrusion, building comfort, OPC A&E, building management stations, offline door access systems, and finally fire and danger management. New features include programmable security control, advanced security programming, advanced interoperability, DVR-API enhancements, CCTV command mapping, identity management, biometric integration and DESFire encoding.
Distributer: Alarmcorp  
Contact: 1300 894 088  
Stand: C7
ICLASS SIO technology-enabled (SE) access control platform
HID Global’s iCLASS SIO technology-enabled (SE) platform is based on HID’s Secure Identity Object (SIO) model and introduces technology-independent digital credentials that can be deployed for use on NFC smart phones and other mobile devices. Supporting multiple technologies such as MIFARE, DESFire, EV1, iCLASS, Indala and other technologies, the platform includes field-programmable readers with energy-efficient intelligent power management; SIO technology-enabled digital credentials and multi-technology smart cards, and an SIO processor developer toolkit for developing products to the iCLASS SE platform.
Distributor: HID Global
Contact: + 613 8838 0891
Stand: J16
Genetec Security Center
GENETEC’S Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec’s IP video surveillance, access control and license plate recognition systems within a single innovative solution. Consolidate real-time monitoring, alarm management, reporting, and playback of events across all your security systems from one interface.
Break free from running multiple client applications, or working with cluttered desktops. You no longer have to deal with inefficiencies that result from inconsistent workflows and limited integrated functionality.
Instead, you can experience the simple and compelling performance of an ultra-modern solution. The Security Center offers you a single unified interface designed around simplicity of operation.
This unified security platform will streamline every facet of managing your business, physical security and public safety applications. It’s simply that powerful.
Distributor: Open Platform Systems
Contact: 61 3 9646 9004
Stand: E3
Avigilon 2MP H.264 PTZ
AVIGILON expands its next-generation H.264 technology platform with the addition of a high-definition PTZ camera available in 1 or 2 megapixel resolution. The indoor and outdoor pendant PTZ cameras are targeted specifically at expansive areas with manned operations, such as large retail chains, airports, petrochemical, casinos, and city surveillance, among others. To learn more about Avigilon’s end-to-end high definition surveillance solutions, please visit www.avigilon.com.
Distributor: Avigilon Asia Pacific
Contact: 61 7 3841 8882
Stand: B2
S14 FlexMount double hemispheric
MOBOTIX’ S14 FlexMount is the world’s first double hemispheric camera. The IP65-rated S14 is characterized by its miniature lens units with integrated microphone and a huge range of application scenarios. It can be equipped with up to two module units that are each connected to the actual camera housing via a two-meter long cable. The flat housing can be installed discreetly and with optimal protection behind a wall or ceiling panel. The option to mount 2 hemispheric lens units simultaneously makes it possible to fully secure two rooms located next to or on top of one another with one single S14 system.
Distributor: Mobotix 
Contact: 61 2 8507 2000
Stand: D22
Lilin NVR Touch
LILIN launches the world’s first embedded NVR with 16 HD IP channels and touch-screen operation. It is capable of displaying and recording up to 16 HD (1080P) IP video channels at 25 FPS simultaneously.  It can be operated by a DVR-style front panel with familiar features such as jog-shuttle, an IR remote control, mouse, a PTZ keyboard, or a standard touch screen monitor. Lilin’s unique, touch-screen interface takes advantage of highly intuitive smartphone-style features like ‘pinch and zoom’, multi-touch and scrolling icon based menus. The touch-screen increases operator speed and minimizes the time taken to learn the system. 
Distributor: Merit Lilin Pacific 
Contact 2 61 9646 4878  
Stand: J20
Basler Topline cameras 
GEUTEBRUCK’S new Topline range of high quality, dual streaming, network cameras are the perfect match for Geutebruck video security systems. With resolutions ranging from 720p, through 1080p full HD to 5MP, and frame rates of up to 30 fps, there are box cameras and fixed dome cameras; colour cameras and true day/night cameras with automatic IR filters. Some use CCD sensors and some CMOS, but all are German-made and support several compression standards – including H264CCTV, the professional security format that replays video fast forwards or backwards, even frame by frame completely smoothly, without the usual H.264 jumps and gaps.
Distributor: Geutebruck Australia
Contact: 61 8969 6302
Stand: D30
XPROTECT Corporate 5 – premium software for high security
Enhance the manageability of large, multi-site installations with XProtect Corporate, powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, high-risk security deployments. With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is flexible software with no limits. For systems demanding complete situational awareness and immediate response time, XProtect Corporate offers interactive, multi-layered maps linked to alarms. Built-in support for XProtect® Smart Wall, Milestone’s video wall functionality, gives a comprehensive overview of installations and seamless command center control.
Distributor: Milestone
Contact: 61 3 9016 7877
Stand: A24
Axis M30 network cameras
AXIS Communications, the global market leader in network video, introduces indoor fixed mini domes that offer an affordably priced HDTV surveillance solution for retail stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices. The palm-sized, dust-resistant Axis M30 cameras are designed for quick and flexible installation. With a 3-axis camera angle adjustment, installers can mount the cameras on walls or ceilings and easily adjust the camera direction and straighten the image. 
Axis M3004 and Axis M3005 offer horizontal viewing angles of 80° and 118-degress, respectively. The cameras come focused when delivered, so no focusing is needed, which shortens the installation time. It is also powered using PoE (IEEE 802.3af), which eliminates the need for power cables and reduces installation costs.
Distributors: Anixter, Alloys, Lan 1, Pacific Communications
Contacts: [email protected] Tel:613 9982 1111
Stand: B16 
Optex Smart Line SL-350 Wireless PE Beam
PHOTOELECTRIC beams in the past have been known to be difficult and expensive to install due to labour intensive trenching requirements. The exciting news is that the latest Smart Line series of PE beams from Optex have zero wires required for installation and operation. Zero wires for power. Zero wires for transmission. 100 per cent completely wireless! 
Smart Line photoelectric beams use industry-leading Inovonics wireless technology with up to 8 years of battery life. With a solid IP65 rating and detection distance of 100m, this is the perfect outdoor perimeter protection. Don’t compromise the security of your site. Outdoor perimeter protection is now affordable and easy to install. 
Distributor: DAS
Contact: 61 2 9717 5222
Stand: C6
Comnet port-configured self-managed switch
NEW from Comnet is this 5-Port Switch Provides VLAN Capability, prevents network flooding without programming. The CNFE4SMS offers management without the cost or user knowledge required for a managed switch. This port-configured Ethernet switch allows the user to create a VLAN that manages the Ethernet data being transported, thereby preventing network flooding. Comnet also has a 4-port self-managed Ethernet switch. The switch has four TX Ethernet ports that allow the Ethernet data from the three of the TX ports to be combined and inserted on to the network through the fourth TX port. 
Distributor: Allguard Consulting Pty Ltd 
Contact: 61 3 9378 2450  
Stand: J42
Bosch Flexidome HD 1080p D/N IP camera
FLEXIDOME HD 1080p Day/Night IP cameras are progressive scan CMOS cameras that use the Bosch-designed Dinion digital imaging technology. The FlexiDome HD camera is designed to stream a high resolution 1080p video image in true HD format (16:9). Features such as multicasting, internet streaming and iSCSI recording are fully supported. The FlexiDome HD 1080p camera delivers the highest standards of performance and reliability in any security and surveillance scenario, day or night. Image performance and color reproduction are superb even under challenging lighting conditions. Ideal for outdoor use, the cameras are protected against water and dust to IP66 standards.
Distributor: Bosch Security Systems
Contact: [email protected] Phone: 1300 1 BOSCH
Stand: G30
DVTel 6.2 Latitude NVMS
DVTEL’S latest version 6.2 of their award winning Latitude NVMS, incorporates some great new features such as TruWitness; a new thin web client, enhanced H.264 and MPEG4 Transcoding; and significant performance enhancement. TruWitness allows customers to use Android based devices as mobile video cameras transmitting directly into the control room in real time. The level of detail, responsiveness and mobility provided by a personal IP camera deployed directly into the field. Also released with Latitude v6.2 is a new thin web client providing basic functionality, intuitive GUI, supports live monitoring, search and playback, and PTZ control.
Distributor: Pacific Communications
Contact:61 3 9676 0222
Stand: C6 
TruVision network video recorder
FOR user-friendly operation that delivers reliable, real-time recording, TruVision digital recording devices represent quality and unlimited possibilities. The TruVision NVR 20 is a network video recorder designed to support video streams from IP video cameras. IP camera support includes resolutions from VGA/4CIF to 5 Megapixel from Interlogix and third party IP camera manufacturers. Designed to effectively capture, store and retrieve important video content, the TruVision range of recorders are feature-rich and integrate with other products and software for a comprehensive video storage solution.
Distributor: Alarmcorp 
Contact: 1300 894 088
Stand: C7
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