Called ANPRonline.Net, the service removes the cost barrier normally associated with the installation and operation of number plate recognition systems, making the technology accessible both to small and medium sized businesses for local projects and to large businesses for national or multi-national projects.
Developed in Australia, ANPRonline.Net has a globally distributed architecture with high fault tolerance and natural scaling for limitless growth. The solution’s secure web-based configuration, control and reporting features allow businesses to easily control of single or multiple sites regardless of their location.
“Previously, ANPR technology has been limited to large business with the available capital to commit to highly customised solutions and expensive ongoing operational budgets,” said Robert Morgan, managing director, at Pty Ltd said. 
“We are really excited about the increased potential of this technology to be used more widely.  Our cloud-based ANPRonline.Net solution, to be launched at Security 2012 Exhibition, finally brings the use of number plate recognition within the reach of smaller businesses that, in turn, opens a huge array of new markets.”

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