“What we are seeing is that enterprises and most particularly retail stores are missing out on advanced and often very cost effective security enhancements. This is simply because their security company lacks the IT expertise to integrate biometric devices with existing systems such as POS (point of sale) or time and attendance” said King. 

“I think it is fair to say, that most security companies come from a traditional security world, rather than from a technology background, so naturally they tend to stay within their comfort zone,” said King. 

“Perhaps that was understandable a decade or so ago, but with technological improvements we consider that IT and Security should be intermeshed.

“Our biometric devices can’t be abused and shared around like ID passwords, dramatically improving loss prevention strategies, retail shrinkage, employee theft, whether they’re suspicious transactions, false credits/returns or just errors; and have a host of human resource applications with direct links to timesheets and payrolls.”

ABT Security Systems is the authorised Australian Reseller for biometric manufacturer M2SYS ABT Security Systems and is currently working on Biometric integration for a major chain of Telco retail stores, using a fingerprint reader device.