The FM3100 has a tri-band radio operating in the 5GHz ISM band and modulates up to 300Mbps with up to 100Mbps real throughput capability. The MITO system uses Fluidmesh’s proprietary intelligent transmission protocol optimised and prioritised for IP video packet and PTZ data transmission. 

The imbedded FluidMAX technology is used to create Point-to-Point, Mesh & Point-to-Point wireless networks. The highly developed & easy to use FM Quadro system web interface allows user to configure, monitor and troubleshoot the entire wireless network in real time. The unit comes with built-in system tools such as a spectrum analyser, real-time bandwidth monitoring tool, antenna alignment, ping, Softdog and bandwidth tester. 

The FM3100 employs the FluidThrottle technology which allows the user to limit cost of ownership by paying for the bandwidth required, which is upgradable at any time. The unit features AES-128 bit encryption support at the hardware level, VLAN support and SNMP3 support. The 3100 MITO is a highly integrated compact outdoor unit with remote PoE injector for ease of installation.

Distributor: Pacific Communications

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