iQ-Hawk is a unique application which performs multiple detections and recognitions of people and vehicles, simultaneously on a single camera. As events are detected the system automatically zooms in on the event to capture the face (for humans) or license plate (for vehicles). 
This capability pulls together iOmniscient’s detection engine (including slip and fall and the ability to detect theft and abandoned objects in crowded scenes) with its Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition systems. The system uses megapixel cameras which can be expensive in terms of their network bandwidth and storage requirements. 
However, the use of iQ-Hawk allows the system to operate with an order of magnitude reduction in these resources. With a 5-megapixel camera, the savings in bandwidth and storage can be 200 times (this means that if the storage previously cost $200 it would cost $1) what it would cost if designed with iQ-Hawk. The technology has therefore transformed the design and economics of such systems.
According to Bala Rajendran, iOmniscient’s group engineering manager, said that the Sony’s HD Network cameras worked extremely well with iQ-Hawk “and were ideal for the dual purposes of detection and recognition. Working with such cameras means the full potential of iQ-Hawk could be realized”.
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