Market Analyst and report author, Rita Liu, comments “Historic revenues for access control software have looked relatively small in comparison to readers, control panels and credentials. It’s only in the last one-to-two years that the topic of integration has come to light spurred on by large scale complex systems that were previously unheard of in China.”
During the global financial crisis a total of RMB4 trillion was released into China. The net effect has been an increase in the number of large scale public projects, especially transportation projects such as airports and subways, which are providing a launch pad for access control software. 
Each large scale project typically integrates sub-systems into one platform, such as other security systems, fire protection systems, parking systems, electronic patrol systems and other intelligent management systems. 
According to China’s Twelfth-Five year plan, another 1,400 kilometres of subway lines will be in operation by the end of 2015, with the number of airports in China planned to increase from 180 in 2011 to 230 by 2015. 
“These two verticals will be the cornerstone of infrastructure projects in China with large scale investment being provided from the Chinese government. Furthermore, growth is also set to be boosted by the trend to one-card solutions in China which is leading to further growth opportunities for access control software,” says Liu.