VIVOTEK FE8172V is the fisheye fixed dome network camera from VIVOTEK, featuring detailed 5MP-resolution sensor with superb image quality. Equipped with a fisheye lens for 180-degree panoramic view (wall mount) or 360-degree surround view (ceiling/floor/table mount) without blind spots, this camera is able to provide an 12X wider field of view than a standard VGA camera. 
The FE8172V offers various display layouts, including original surround view, panoramic view, and regional view for various mounting applications. With the latest cutting-edge image processing capability, hemispherical images captured from the fisheye camera can be converted into conventional rectilinear projection for viewing and analysis. 
Users can tailor the overview image captured by the camera in a range of ways including 10, 103R, 108R, 1P, 2P, 1P2R, 1P3R, 1R, 4R and 4R PRO. In this case O stands for original image, P for panoramic image, and R for regional image. When ceiling-mounted, the camera can also monitor all 4 corners of a room. Any moving object in the room will be captured all the time so there’s no loss of critical information. 

“The electronic PTZ lets users move to a target region of interest in the viewing window using the mouse wheel. Operation of the function is instantaneous thanks to a high-end de-warping algorithm”

In addition, in both of the panoramic as well as regional viewing modes, users can utilize the ultra-smooth ePTZ function to easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI). That ePTZ is a very neat feature and it allows users to take best advantage of the fish eye lens. The electronic PTZ lets users move to a target region of interest in the viewing window using the mouse wheel. 
Operation of the function is instantaneous thanks to a high-end de-warping algorithm. Because optical distortion is unavoidable for ultra wide angle fish eye lenses, hemispherical images captured from the fish eye camera are convex, particularly at the image borders. The de-warping software allows the image to be rebuilt into conventional rectilinear projection using an integrated plug-in. 
For installers, there’s also a pixel calculator which ensures an installation meets the required resolution for a given application. You use a tool to draw 3 windows on a video screen around a region of interest and then adjust the camera to record the detail you require. 
The Vivotek has released the FE8172V 5MP 360-degree Surround View vandal-proof fisheye fixed dome network camera, which can provide a 12x wider image than a standard VGA camera.  features a removable IR-cut filter, maintaining clear images 24 hours a day. Its IP66-rated housing is designed to help the camera body withstand rain and dust and ensures operation under a multitude of harsh weather conditions. 
Additionally, the vandal-proof IK10-rated housing effectively provides robust protection from vandalism and there’s 802.3af compliant PoE, microSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot for on-board storage, EN50155 mobile surveillance and iPad applications.

Features of the Vivotek FE8172V include:

* 5-megapixel CMOS sensor 
* Up to 30 fps @ 1080p Full HD 
* 1.05mm Lens gives 180-degree panoramic and 360-degree surround  
* Removable IR-cut filter for Day/Night function 
* EN50155 Compliance for mobile applications 
* Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression (Triple Codec) 
* WDR Enhancement 
* Vandal-proof IK10-rated and Weather-proof IP66-rated 
* ePTZ for Data Efficiency 
* Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE 
* Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC slot.