“By working closely with our customers, we have developed an end-to-end solution that is the first in the market to offer truly tamper proof video from the point of recording to the export of video. Truly tamper proof video is particularly important for markets that require this high level of video authentication, such as police forces and casinos.”
IndigoVision’s solution delivers completely tamper proof evidence through digital watermarking of live video at the point of recording, building-in additional security that eliminates the risk of tampering of the video at any stage from recording to export. The system is also capable of supporting thousands of cameras across multiple locations. 
“Support for hundreds of thousands of cameras in Control Center is a response to the mega systems countries and corporations are seeking to manage,” says Kneen.
“In one country alone IndigoVision provides video security to nearly 100 cities. Managing national risk when a single city can have hundreds of cameras, and even more access control and alarm inputs, requires large system capability. We are now seeing the market looking to integrate disparate installations into a single country-wide system.
IndigoVision’s video management software, Control Center, is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary and, when originally released, was the world’s first VMS to offer scalable video management: a reputation it continues to retain. This genuine flexibility also holds true for the many smaller systems that IndigoVision supports in the 10-to-50 camera range.