The re-brand, has been rolling out progressively since January 15th 2013, when the organisation moved to new and larger premises in Belmont in Perth and reflects the growth in Threat Protect’s range of services and market presence in WA. 
Announcing the new brand, Threat Protect CEO Demetrios Pynes said, “It is now time to adopt a more streamlined and consistent look and feel across the customer-facing component of our rapidly-growing organisation.
“Our customers know Threat Protect as a reliable, trusted provider of high-quality security systems and services. Our new brand signifies the core value of the company: To protect the community and deflect threats, with the highest possible standard of service, expertise and professionalism.”
Last year Threat Protect also recently acquired the Alarm & Video Monitoring Centre (A&VMC), which will continue to operate under its existing brand. A&VMC is the A1 Grade control room, which specialises in electronic surveillance for the Threat Protect Australia group. 
Threat Protect will be relaunching its website in coming weeks.