While Q Alarm Systems is distributing RISCO’s detector range in Australia, the panel range is available direct from RISCO Australia, which has set up a distribution centre in Sydney to handle demand as well as RISCO’s new B2B online store, RISCO Store. 
“We see the LightSYS panel sitting alongside the Hills Reliance and the Bosch Solution in terms of performance and capability but it certainly comes at a more competitive price point and has greater expansion, along with great options like our $75 touchscreen keypad” said Tim Prag, RISCO Australia’s Director of Sales and Business Development.
What’s interesting about RISCO is that while for years all we’ve heard about is Rokonet detectors, there’s actually a lot of RISCO products behind the scenes that installers in Australia have never had access to. And a great deal of it is seriously high end stuff.
First cab off the rank in alarm panels is the 32-zone hybrid alarm panel, LightSYS, but there’s another new panel available called Agility 3 which monitoring stations are particularly interested in thanks to its video verification capability. The video verification can be used by monitoring stations or can be deployed by end users via a free iPhone app called iRISCO. 
“The system takes up to 7 snapshots of each alarm event in high quality colour,” said Prag. “The system will also take an image from every camera when the system is armed and store it in the 32-zone Agility panel. 
“This allows you to differentiate between alarm events and arming events – you can see if the Christmas decorations have fallen down or if a pet walks by.” 
Installers will be pleased to hear that RISCO’s video verification solution is slated to be introduced into the LightSYS range during 2013. Meanwhile, additional neat products include IR Barrier Beams designed to protect patio doors and windows when they are open. This solution is priced at just $200 and allows doors and windows to be left open for air flow while ensuring that a secure perimeter is maintained.
At the upper end of the RISCO range is the SynopSYS Integrated Security & Building Management platform, a PSIM-style management solution that integrates multiple systems. There’s also ProSYS, a bus-line alarm system with access control that integrates with the security and building management platform to handle very large applications with greatly reduced installation times.
“Our axesplus cloud-based access control system is another great solution,” says Prag. “We think it will be big in national and global multi-site applications.”  
Another development from RISCO is the G3 detector range – G for Green – which turns off the microwave when the system is not armed in order to save power. According to Prag, microwave consumes 3x the power of PIR so G3 saves serious money, particularly in large applications like schools or large commercial sites.
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