The AppVision PSIM (physical sensor/security information management) system is able to centralise the command and control of a disparate number of sub systems through its common SCADA-like platform using custom graphic user interfaces. AppVision is a professional level application which was developed using Visual.NET under the Microsoft .NET framework. 
The internal multi-protocol driver manager enables AppVision to centralise and remotely command various types of equipment used in the building management and electronic security industry, These include CCTV systems, alarm panels, access control building automation, PA systems, intercoms, HVACm building management, redundant server configurations and bespoke automation systems. 
The course will instruct and certify systems integrators familiar with C# and .NET as to the value of a PSIM by taking them through the process of integrating the following systems: TECOM, Dedicated Micros, Milestone, HikVision, business intelligence systems (people tracking) and other systems, including audio and video analytics. 
The course’s trainers include Prysm Software’s Nicholas Moamart and TechnologyCare Australia’s Olly D’Souza. For more information contact +61 401 108 244 or