It is becoming increasingly important to be able to view security recordings from everywhere, for example remotely when not on site, because of higher safety requirements. 
At the same time, the demands on viewing quality are also rising, with high definition (HD) now being standard for most applications. However, reviewing high-quality scenes can be very time-consuming and when this is also carried out remotely, the user is dependent on the speed of the internet connection. 
In the case of a low bandwidth connection, HD-quality material is invariably buffered, which equally takes a large amount of time.
The solution to this problem is the Dynamic Transcoding Technology from Bosch. This behind-the-scenes process changes a video file to a different format or bitrate without compromising on the original image quality which is totally shown when the image is paused. The technology enables viewing in HD quality from any location at any time, as long as there is an internet connection available. 
Bosch Security Systems is introducing this technology to its portfolio as standalone units for large systems and as an integral part of upcoming IP video storage appliances for small and medium systems. 
The Dynamic Transcoding Technology offers all Bosch customers using IP and HD cameras remote monitoring now also at low bandwidths. The addition of this functionality allows instant replay without buffering. 
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