Its 2 2TB hard disks are configured for RAID level 1 so they store identical data. One disk is built in, but the other sits in a sturdy hot swap mount which can be removed with the system still running. This hot swap facility enables you to evaluate the whole database at another station, completely separately, away from the CCTV system and the network. 
The GSCSpeedView-XRdB evaluation and playback station has been specially conceived for this purpose. With one hard disk removed, the re_porter-IP/XRdB continues to operate storing all video data on its fixed disk until a new HDD is inserted and it can automatically mirror the data onto the new HDD.
If an incident is reported at a remote location monitored by the re_porter_XRdB then the video surveillance operator informs the police or other security service provider. An officer goes to the site, taking along an empty hard disk unit. 
To swap the hard disks over, he presses the button on the front, waits a second or two until the flashing light goes out, then uses a special key to release the disk unit, which can then be pulled out and replaced with the empty one. 
Distributor: Geutebruck Australia
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