The 2 firms have produced an open platform solution that supports multiple camera types and brands, all tied together and managed with the streamlined, Milestone Arcus VMS. The ISD-Milestone Arcus offerings will also include advanced third-party analytics in the cameras.
The partnership also allows consumers with legacy cameras that are not capable of edge storage to keep their systems, according to a press release. Additionally, existing Milestone XProtect customers can easily add an ISD/Milestone Arcus-enabled camera to their installations. 
ISD’s latest netSeries miniBall, the first physical security camera to run Windows Embedded Compact 7, led Milestone to consider partnering with the camera manufacturer, according to Lars Nordenlund, vice president of Incubations & Ventures, Milestone.
“ISD is a pioneer in providing real edge storage platforms,” he says. “Installations taking advantage of edge devices with video recording and storage capabilities ensure maximum flexibility in their surveillance operations. 
“ISD cameras embedded with Milestone Arcus VMS, running on Windows or Linux, able to add multiple analytics and leverage cloud technology, is an innovative and unique offering.”