The M-Pro ServerSwitch has been purpose-built for recording and managing mega-pixel IP video. It’s embedded SmartSwitch has been designed to move over 1,000 Mega-pixel frames per second to internal enterprise rated hard-drives. A web interface enables remote control and measurement of PoE consumption and data transmission. 
The Razberi ServerSwitch can be easily applied to an existing enterprise system as an edge-recording device that is centrally managed with VMS software from Milestone. When using entry-level packages from Axis or Milestone, the Razberi M-Pro can be deployed as a self-contained, stand-alone recorder for small to mid-sized systems.
Key Features include embedded PoE switch (4/8/16/24 input), internal Storage (up to 24TB), uplink port, SFP port, Win7 embedded OS, direct camera connection, 3-Year warranty, made in the USA, available with Milestone Arcus Embedded.
Distributor: Video Security Products
Contact: 61 2 9662 8844