Milestone Systems is estimated to have had the highest revenues for VMS software in EMEA in 2012 and equal highest revenues in the world, according to IHS. “This is the first time that two companies have shared the leading position in the global VMS market,” said Jon Cropley, Principal Analyst at IHS.
“Competition is healthy, spurring continued commitments to improvements that benefit the customers and the providers themselves. Look at what this means for the industry: the top players have all grown their revenue which shows that user demand for IP solutions is very strong,” says Lars Thinggaard, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Milestone Systems. 
“Leadership is about being a consistently strong organization that continues to deliver top products and support relationships – how a company carries out its business is very important for long-term success. Milestone is a company built on the core concept of openness, to encourage more contributions and more choices.”