New airVision 2 may not be available locally yet but Ubiquiti doesn’t build toys. This wireless specialist makes smart technology that’s reliable and very affordable. airVision 2 is not designed to offer the best quality video. It’s designed to support a particular area of the video surveillance market and the potential size of this solution is an eye-opener. 
The airVision platform, which includes re-architected software, airCam cameras, and a new Network Video Recorder (NVR) appliance, is the perfect solution for hotel chains, restaurants, hospitals, schools, government buildings, retail outlets and other businesses concerned about safety, security and loss prevention.
With airVision 2 comes the new airVision NVR, a compact, low cost network video recorder. The airVision NVR can store up to 1,200 hours of video at 480p resolution or 400 hours of video at 720p HD resolution on the built-in 500GB hard drive. 
When combined with airCams and the included airVision video management software, a complete, enterprise-class video surveillance system can be deployed in a matter of minutes. For deployments with larger storage requirements, users can use the airVision NVR software on their own servers.  
The new airVision 2 video management software combines an intuitive user interface with advanced features. Re-architected from the ground up, the airVision software now includes auto-discovery of airCams, camera-based motion detection, user-level security, storage management, H.264 video, reporting and mobile device support. 
This software is bundled with airCam and airVision NVR hardware, so there are no additional license costs or subscription fees.
“The traditional multi-vendor, pick-and-choose video surveillance market is needlessly complex and inefficient for most users,” said Robert J. Pera, CEO of Ubiquiti Networks. 
“Ubiquiti is streamlining the deployment of IP video surveillance by providing advanced capabilities in a fully integrated, disruptively-priced system.”
airVision 2 software features include:
* Mobile support on iOS and Android:
* Web interface accessible on iOS and Android tablets and phones
* Rapid, easy deployment via auto-discovery:
airVision software now discovers, configures and manages all airCams centrally
* User-level, role-based security:
* Detailed control over access rights for organizations with multiple users
* Improved performance and scalability with H.264 video:
* Uses H.264 video for more crisp video and better storage utilization
*Other major software enhancements include:
* Camera-based motion detection for improved performance
* Playlists for configurable live views
* Automatic, rule-based storage management for managing disk usage efficiently.