AXIS Q1931-E will be ideal for monitoring of areas where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical – specifically in complete darkness and challenging conditions – including at industrial facilities, fence lines or railroad tracks. 
AXIS Q1931-E offers high contrast 384 x 288 resolution thermal images with four available lens options to provide maximum flexibility for different detection ranges and fields of view, extending from 220m. (50 degrees) to 1800m. (6 degrees). 
AXIS Q1931-E is also the first thermal camera to support Axis’ unique Corridor Format, which allows the camera to deliver a vertically-oriented, 9:16 portrait field of view, perfect for situations such as monitoring long fences, shorelines and tunnels.
Furthermore, since thermal technology accurately complements intelligent video functionality, the advanced image processing of AXIS Q1931-E is leveraged for intelligent analytics such as motion detection, camera tampering alarm and support for in-camera analytics via the AXIS Camera Application Platform.
Distributor: Axis Communications
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