APPLE paid $US350 million for fingerprint-sensor making company, AuthenTec Inc a couple of months back and the tech industry buzz is that the company’s latest iPhone will sport a fingerprint biometric reader.

"Apple is giving a strong indication that market leaders see biometrics as part of its roadmap," said Thomas Marschall, chief executive officer of Precise Biometrics AB, in a recent Bloomberg report. 

"All competitors are looking for alternatives to match Apple. It's the kickoff of a rally in the (biometric) industry."

It’s not just talk either. Tech has a way of arriving by weight of market expectations and there are growing expectations surrounding biometrics. 
Precise Biometrics AB has seen its share price double in the past few months. 

And Fingerprint Cards AB, a Swedish biometric security company, has grown in revenues tenfold in recent months, while its share prices have seen dramatic rises, too.

Exactly how and when Apple’s reader will work is still unfolding but it makes for plenty of potentially interesting developments in high security near field access control devices, too.