EXPANDING the popular SmartIP series of Pacom NVR’s, the new SD and PD series NVR’s also sees the introduction of DirectIP protocol. 

The DirectIP is a protocol designed to provide customers with a HD surveillance solution, which is easy to use, simple to install, and quick to configure through advanced plug-and-play capabilities. 

The Pacom SmartIP-8/16SD and 16/32PD series are capable of recording a range of IP cameras including the EVOnet (gen3), Panasonic, Axis and ONVIF profile S third party cameras. They come with a built-in 8-channel PoE gigabit switch (see note below regarding the 16 and 32-channel NVR’s), real-time recording in 720p on all models and 1080p for the 8SD and 16PD models.

The SmartIP-8SD and 16SD come with 3TB HDD and have the capacity for 4 HDD’s in total. The SmartIP-16/32 PD NVR’s come with a 3TB HDD and have the capacity for 6 HDD’s in total.

Distributor: Pacific Communications & DAS
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