COMPACT, flexible, future-proof: The new VideoNetBox II from Dallmeier is available now, offering improved performance and an even more open platform than its predecessor model.

The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance for the recording of up to 8 IP video channels. With the new, higher performance processor, all eight channels can now be recorded in real-time in supreme HD quality (720p). The perfectly synchronised components also enable very fast memory speed.

The SMAVIA Recording Server software for recording audio and video streams is already installed. The corresponding software SMAVIA Viewing Client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over Ethernet (LAN/WAN). It can be run on devices with a Windows XP/7 operating system and is included in the VNB II’s scope of delivery.

The pre-installed software SMAVIA Recording Server is designed as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, 3rd-party IP cameras with motion detection can be recorded and configured over the ONVIF protocol.
If the installation is to include analogue cameras as well as IP cameras in mixed operation, the VideoNetBox II can be expanded with the optional Analogue Upgrade Kit for operating as many as eight analogue channels in hybrid mode.

Owing to its compact, robust and sophisticated design the VideoNetBox II is flexible and can be mounted in almost any location – on walls, ceilings, or as a base installation on tables or cupboards. And not only does the VNB II require very little space, it is also very easy to install: find a place, screw it in, and you’re finished. Even fitting or replacing hard disks has been optimised in version II, and after opening the rear panel it takes just a few simple steps.

Distributor: C.R. Kennedy
Contact: 61 3 9823 1555