DVTEL has released ioimage Thermal, a new line of thermal cameras in fixed and pan-tilt versions.

Powered by DRS Technologies the cameras can be integrated with existing surveillance systems. The ONVIF Profile-S-compliant ioimage thermal camera is the first product in the line of edge-based surveillance devices from DVTEL that are optimised to work in low-light conditions. Features include video analytics to deliver image interpretation and comprehension for customers requiring detection in low-light or zero-light environments. 

The infrared detector allows ioimage Thermal devices to detect the energy (or heat) that all objects, structures and people emit. DVTel says this enables a more consistent image than traditional cameras in harsh environments, such as those affected by fog, haze, smog, smoke, rain and extreme variances in temperature. 

The new thermal line is compatible with the entire DVTEL IP-based technology portfolio and is scheduled to be available in early 2014 through DVTEL’s network of authorised resellers.