Eos has been made sole distributor for Samsung products in Australia and New Zealand. John Adams spoke with Eos' Tooma Chong to find out more. 


Q: Eos is now the sole distributor of Samsung in Australia and New Zealand? 

A: Yes, from 1st March 2014, Eos is the sole distributor of Samsung Techwin in Australia and New Zealand. However, we will continue to support sub-distributors.

Q: What led up to the Eos appointment? 

A: Samsung’s underlining vision is harmony. The current conflict of interest between 2 distributors has been highlighted to Samsung Techwin and as an outcome, a tough decision had to be made to appoint only 1 master distributor.

Q: How much of the Samsung range will Eos be carrying – the same as before? More? 

A: Samsung has and will be releasing many new models. Samsung is focused firmly on the future so as to remain at the forefront of this new technology. Eos’ focus is the new models to ensure we carry a full range. This includes everything from analogue, to HD-SDI to IP, with NVRs and IP cameras.

Q: What’s the turnover of Samsung at Eos now – generally speaking. Will the new arrangement grow this turnover? 

A: Our challenge now is to grow the Samsung market in a more stable environment where we can focus on delivering a clear and better message to the market. We hope to create the best experience for our Samsung customers through better managed total service, from product enquiry to after sales service. Rather than just focusing on how many boxes we wish to move, we are confident that by staying focused on what’s more important to our customers, our sales will improve naturally.

Q: What does the Samsung deal mean for EOS moving forward? 

A: We are extremely humbled by this decision announced by Samsung Techwin. It just shows that our passion for customer service and for Samsung products has something to do with our achievement. We will do our best to improve ourselves even more. There is no room for complacency.

Q: Will being the single large distributor make it easier to grow the business in a sustainable way? 

A: We believe so, as this was one of the main reasons why Samsung Techwin had to make a tough decision.

Q: In the medium term, will you support all Samsung customers when they can no longer buy the product, get warranty support from former suppliers? 

A: Our focus is to ensure no Samsung customers, past or present will be inconvenienced. So, we will be working with all sub-distributors to ensure just that.

Q: What is going on with EOS right now – new plans, products?

A: Caught in a market where technology and the landscape of our traditional competitors are rapidly changing, it is a very challenging times. But, Eos Australia is not new to these kinds of tough challenges, we have faced them many times in the past. By our sheer determinations and consistency, we have always been able to swiftly adapt and achieve what we set out to accomplish, and I thank our Thunderbird team for that, as without a good working team, it is impossible.

So right now, throughout all our branches, we are improving our training facilities, so we can meet the challenges of the new technology together with our customers by sharing our knowledge and experience we have built up, and through the investment we will make in providing the technical material and the venue to do it in.

In terms of new products, it will be released by default through our current partners whom we represent, Allied Telesis, Golmar, the new 2-wire system, Vauban IP access control system, their new web version hardware, Panasonic, their new larger, slimmer and more powerful wireless video intercom, IPVista and Digifort, with some new advanced features.