AMERICAN Dynamics has released Illustra 825 fisheye camera. 

With 5 megapixels, this camera can provide a 360-degree views of a whole lobby using a ceiling mount or a 180-degree view of a room, using a wall mount, or 2 x 2 view of 4 simultaneous de-warped streams.

The Illustra 825 Fisheye is easy to set up, configure, and maintain with its web-based user interface. The Illustra Connect tool provides quick access to firmware upgrades, IP address assignments, diagnostics and more. 

The camera also has efficient bandwidth and video storage that further help to significantly reduce cost. ONVIF compliant, the Illustra 825 Fisheye works with a variety of mounts in the American Dynamics portfolio.

Distributor: Tyco Security Products
Contact: 61 4 6776 3544