Suretrak Global Pty Ltd (Suretek) has acquired NT Software, including ADSW and its suite of alarm monitoring products, for an undisclosed sum.  

According to Suretek’s CEO Glenn Smith, Suretek will maintain and continue to develop the ADSW product with the assistance of Neil Turner, who will join Suretek and be the primary contact for ADSW monitoring centres. 

“Not only will Neil have access to our existing resources, but we will be adding an extra staff member, with a vast skill-set across IT and telecommunications, dedicated to assisting Neil, and all ADSW monitoring centres,” says Smith. 

Suretek’s CAMS and NT Software’s ADSW are the leading alarm monitoring software vendors in Australia and New Zealand. CAMS has 153 Australian licences and a total of 324 sites globally. ADSW has 75 Australian licences and 103 sites globally. The acquisition means Suretek is now responsible for 228 of the estimated 270 control rooms and monitoring centres across Australia, and boasts a global base of 427 monitoring facilities.

Smith says Suretek have been quietly gearing up our CAMS users for the next generation of monitoring technology, and now will do the same for ADSW users.  

“In the background, we will focus on the development of ADSW, starting with the huge task of re-programming it into DotNet, so that ADSW will operate on all future Windows Operating platforms,” Smith says. 

“At the same time, we will further integrate the RemoteGUARD Video monitoring module into ADSW by adding the extra functionality currently in CAMS, into ADSW. It is our belief that remote video monitoring is the future of monitoring, and we hope that this is of benefit to ADSW users, as it has been for many CAMS users.”

Smith says Suretek will not make changes for their own sake.

“I also want to acknowledge that change, if not done correctly, can be negative. Monitoring centres are busy environments, and when you make changes, in particular drastic changes, you can easily alienate the many hundreds of operators that sit behind busy terminals each and every day,” Smith explains. 

“Suretek will adopt the same policy with ADSW that we have with CAMS, in that nothing will change, it will evolve, and evolve with your input and direction.

“We have asked Neil Turner for a development to do list for ADSW, including any features that were to be implemented, and what ADSW clients want done most,” says Smith. 

“CAMS has been built on the feedback from its users, and I would like to apply the same philosophy to ADSW. Initially, we have set up a dedicated email address, [email protected], and I encourage all ADSW users to send me their feedback, with suggestions on how we can improve ADSW to be more compatible with their business.

“Neil has been very clear that ADSW is his life’s work, and despite several offers from other companies, Neil chose Suretek, because he believes we are the only company who has the commitment, passion, and resources to maintain ADSW and develop it for the future,” says Smith. 

“The great news for all of us is that Neil will remain with us, and will continue on as the primary contact for all ADSW Monitoring Centres for as long as he chooses to do so.  In essence, it will be business as usual.”

Smith says that Suretek is currently in the process of releasing Version 1 of an exciting new end user app for iPhone and Android devises. 

“The app is white-labelled, so monitoring centres can brand it as their own with their own company logo and details,” Smith says. “We believe it will add a lot of value to the service offerings of our monitoring stations and help with general monitoring centre operations.

“Although the app has been developed for CAMS, we will soon begin its development for ADSW, and it’s definitely an app worth getting excited about. Version 2 will directly connect a monitoring centre’s customers to its operators and visa-versa, as well as allow the monitoring centre’s customers to directly connect with their security system. 

“The savings on communication and operation costs to monitoring centres will be substantial, while at the same time taking the customer’s experience to a whole new level.”

Smith says Suretek adopts a fair play policy when it comes to third party integration. 

“I have to mention this as I want to dispel any potential negativity immediately,” he says. “As we all know, Suretek is more than a software company, and yes we do have competitors in a number of other areas, and I’m sure those competitors would also like to integrate their future products into alarm automation software. I want to assure our customers that no amount of competition will inhibit me from delivering the best service available.  

“We will gladly work with other vendors to ensure the best possible solution is delivered to CAMS and ADSW users, and at all times provide them with the freedom of choice. We are all about empowering our customers, and will do everything in our power to do so. We are happy to work under a fair play policy with any competitor.” 

Smith also points out that through the Suretek data centre every ADSW monitoring station now has its own co-location facility.

“Running a successful monitoring centre is a lot more than just having the right software,” Smith explains. “The software is the heart of the operation, but the infrastructure, communications, servers, workstations, networks, and even the facility itself, are critical components for a successful monitoring centre operation. Suretek will be offering Grade A1 Co-location and disaster recovery services to all ADSW users, something that I know Neil is very excited about being able to provide.

“With the purchase of NT Software, Suretek accepts the great responsibility of maintaining ADSW, and building upon its strong foundation to deliver more features and services, which will allow each monitoring centre to operate more efficiently, as our technology evolves,” says Smith.