HONEYWELL has updated its flagship building management system, Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), enabling facility personnel to view and enhance core building technology with greater ease and precision. 

EBI R430 helps improve efficiency, and reduce energy and operational costs by simplifying setup, scheduling and control. The recent upgrades to EBI centre include improved integration – EBI is now compatible with many common Web services to provide facility managers and IT staff with new ways to customise how building systems import and mine data, and synthesise the information.

There’s increased efficiency – facility managers can program and coordinate facility-wide systems — including HVAC, lighting, security and life safety — in minutes using the revamped automation engine and scheduling.

There’s enhanced mobility – operators can continue to use smartphones for remote access and management, but can now implement tablet-based connectivity, which replicates the user interface of an EBI workstation and provides access to all building information, such as system status and trend data that can help optimise energy use in real time.

And there’s an intuitive interface. While the basic layout and navigation remain, the new software incorporates features common to consumer applications, such as drag-and-drop interaction, that make day-to-day tasks and training easier.

Distributor: ADI Global 
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