Ingram Micro has established a Physical Security Division in Australia specialising in physical security solutions, such as IP monitoring and IP video surveillance, and has been appointed Australian distribution partner by Axis Communications. 

“We are very fortunate to be working with Axis Communications,” says David Charlton, business manager for Ingram Micro’s new Physical Security Division. “Axis is the market-leader in IP-video solutions for security.”

Axis Communications ANZ and Oceania country manager, Wai King Wong, says Axis is very pleased to be working with Ingram Micro to distribute its products into the Australian market.

“We work with Ingram Micro in several other countries around the world, so we’re really pleased to be working together in Australia too,” says Wong. “Ingram Micro has a deep and sophisticated understanding of our business and of the local market. 

“As the primary vendor involved in Ingram Micro’s new physical security business in Australia, we see it as a great opportunity to drive the growth of surveillance solutions in the market and to work more closely with Ingram Micro on joint opportunities.”

The establishment of the Ingram Micro Physical Security division is in-line with Ingram Micro’s global expansion into the physical security market. Charlton says the video monitoring and surveillance market is changing quickly as solutions move from traditional analogue equipment to IP-based security.

“Video security used to be a specialist AV function, with installations carried out by specialist CCT and AV installers,” he says. “But as companies move to digital and IP-based security, security is progressively becoming a function of the IT department, with IT managers responsible for putting security solutions in place, and managing the storage and archiving of video footage.”

Charlton says modern IP-security solutions are more capable and more complex than their analogue-based pre-cursors.

“Solutions now include networking, servers, storage and software that leverage the power of IP-based video. So the skills required to assemble a solution much more closely match those of our traditional resellers and systems integrators,” Charlton says. 

“This is great news, because it means there’s a whole new revenue opportunity for these resellers who can provide a raft of added value services as well. And traditional CCTV and AV resellers need a distribution partner who can help them to deliver complete solutions.”

Charlton reports a high-degree of interest from its resellers in physical security solutions, with applications in many industries from retail to logistics as well as generally in building security and access control.

“There are some very innovative security and monitoring solutions being implemented, and this is a very exciting area for resellers looking to build new capability,” says Charlton.

Ingram Micro Inc is the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain, mobile device lifecycle services and logistics solutions. Ingram Micro Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc. and Australia's largest distributor of IT and technology products.