Q Security Systems is pushing hard on its American Dynamics camera lineup, one of the largest ranges of analogue and IP cameras on the market. SEN editor John Adams chats with QSS’ Rob Rosa.  

WHILE it’s not well known, American Dynamics, distributed locally by QSS, has a comprehensive range of CCTV cameras. But AD’s secrets are about to be revealed with a push planned for the Optima and Ultra ranges, as well as the company’s large family of box cameras, bullets, domes and mini domes. 

According to QSS’ Rob Rosa, many of the AD camera specs are better than the usual suspects in speed domes and other camera range and yet the traction doesn’t appear to have been here. 

“I’ve personally witnessed the picture quality of some of these cameras and was very impressed with the image quality, ease of setup through web user configuration browser and zoom capability in comparison to some of our competitions’ domes. 

“The AD range of IP and analogue cameras is very competitively priced, has high specs and gives great images. It comes down to who holds the stock, who can offer you the best value for money and after sales support and while we tend to over use the word value-add, it is all these things that make for an overall good customer experience when making a choice to purchase.”

Something else that’s important is the fact the cameras have local technology support, right down to actual board work. 

“AD cameras are backed by their manufacturer, Tyco Security Products, but the warranty and repair is handled here in Australia at QSS’ big repair facility in Laverton. That’s not a common capability for a local distributor,” Rosa says. 

Along with cameras, QSS currently stocks VideoEdge encompassing the NVR range and a hybrid, as well as Intellex and ADTVR and staff are also trained in set up and design of these systems. 

“We also sell the Kantech range of products – access control as well as CCTV equipment – one great product in particular being INTEVO which can do a maximum of 32 cameras along with built-in access control in one small box,” Rosa explains.   

Given QSS carries a strong camera range in DVTel, as well as AD and your own QSS range called QVS, do you see this as an opportunity to grow a business segment with more consistent margins than has been possible in the past? I ask.

“We feel that we have covered all our gaps with cameras and our DVR/NVR and VMS solutions and more importantly the strength of edge devices today are comparatively similar,” Rosa tells me. 

“What I mean is that many cameras come out of similar manufacturing plants in Asia. We have just appointed a world class manufacturer to expand on our own range of new cameras called the QVS Alumia Series. 

“This range is about half the price of our branded cameras, minimum 3-year warranty (some have 4 years) and feature-rich with great images that you would normally pay double for. Our other cameras in the DVTEL Quasar range is great for reducing the bit rate to at least half of any known brand name and also guarantees that you can identify the storage requirements needed at the time of quoting the project. 

AD illustra Flex 800 with dome bubble removed

“DVTEL guarantees this and the picture quality is great,” Rosa says. “DVTEL also offers 4-year warranty once the product is EOL, meaning if the end of life is set as 2 years, you receive 4 years once this happens. In essence you have a camera with a 6-year warranty."

“The AD range of IP and analogue cameras is very competitively priced, has high specs and gives great images”


Would you say QSS has now resolved its camera line-up or might there be more additions at some point in the future? I ask.

“We will continually evaluate together with our premium partners and identify what is working and what isn’t,” Rosa explains. “Sometimes relationships have a finite term and there is no point progressing with them. 

“Currently we are very happy with our partners and we will always be looking at growing stronger with these existing partners to ensure that we deliver the growth expectations for both organisations. We have also just been appointed Flir distributors – Flir is a product we are very proud of being associated with.”    

QSS has been active over the past quarter, taking on DVTel distribution, taking on American Dynamics, as well as some key new staff. How quickly do you think you’ll grow in 2014 terms of percentage of turnover, staff?

“We had a pleasing half year result at the end of Dec of 13.1 per cent sales revenue growth and a net profit before tax of $A534k,” says Rosa. 

“We are growing and we aim to make QSS a profitable entity especially after the rough ride the old business had. There is a new confidence in the business and all the staff can see that we mean business and we are on the right track and our aim is to increase the profitability for our shareholders of QTG. 

“Our aim for the next half is similar numbers but a larger NPBT component to ensure that we continue to build on profitability for shareholders and also to re-invest in the QSS business for future expansion and growth.” 

And how are your plans progressing on the major projects front – it’s early days but is there interest in the market for this side of the business?

“Absolutely,” says Rosa. “We have already been asked to take part in the design, configuration and pricing of 4 major sites and we are working diligently to undertake this. Early days for sure but we also have Jake Lennon in QLD who has now been promoted into Major Projects for QLD, FNQ and NT. We have just employed another BDM candidate in NSW for the project space who already has runs on the board with providing DVTEL and AD style solutions.

Finally, how does the market feel to you early-2014? Is there a lift in QSS business overall?

“From QSS’s perspective we are going great guns,” says Rosa. “Our sales staff are quoting at a very aggressive rate. We feel the buoyancy in the market has returned and we feel excited and positive about 2014. The signs are there and even in the slower states, we are creating momentum by offering training courses on IP and other products so we have noticed that business has increased since coming back from the main break.”   

“There is a new confidence in the business and all the staff can see that we mean business and we are on the right track and our aim is to increase the profitability for our shareholders of QTG”