BOSCH’S new DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras offer high image quality, management of bit rate, and low storage requirements, as well as important audio capabilities, cloud-based services plus easy and cost-effective installation. 

The cameras are available in April in 2 resolutions the DINION IP 4000 HD with 720p and the DINION IP 5000 HD with 1080p. The desired amount of detail can be selected according to the intended application, while intelligent Dynamic Image Noise Reduction (iDNR) automatically adjusts the level of noise reduction based on movement in the scene. 

A built-in microphone and 2-way audio functionality turn these DINION IP cameras into even more effective security tools, as the operator or security guard can not only listen to but also question intruders or communicate with visitors who appear to be in need of assistance. Easy installation and configuration are guaranteed by the cameras’ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality, as well as due to the preconfigured user modes.

Dynamic Transcoding technology constantly measures the available bandwidth and automatically adjusting the bit rate of the camera for smooth live video streaming, regardless of the available bandwidth, as well as full-HD details when playback is paused. 

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems 
Contact: 61 2 9672 1777