Bosch Security Systems has announced a partnership that will see Q Security Systems distribute all the classy German manufacturer’s surveillance gear, as well as intrusion detectors, through its national distribution network. 

IN the latest of a number of key announcements across the electronic security industry over the past 3 months, Bosch Security Systems announced late last month that Q Security Systems will be a Bosch Security Distribution Partner. QSS will focus on the complete Bosch Video Systems portfolio, as well as promoting the broad range of Bosch intrusion sensors.

In many ways it’s a sensible alliance – Bosch makes excellent products and QSS, with 5 offices Australia-wide and more than 50 employees, a technical service centre and a national distribution centre, offers its customers access to product and quality support. According to Bosch Security System’s GM, Chris Dellenty, the key aspect of the partnership with QSS is that it expands Bosch’s geographical coverage and makes its product more accessible to the market. 

“QSS has a large database of loyal customers who receive outstanding service from a dedicated team,” says Dellenty. “Now those customers have the opportunity to buy our high quality range of Bosch Video System products and intrusion sensors through QSS.

“The great thing about the partnership is that Bosch Video Systems products will now be available from far more locations across Australia through QSS, as well as through our existing network of distributors, and our own Bosch locations. We are offering customers more choice and convenience when it comes to accessing Bosch products.”

According to Dellenty, the notion of a partnership seemed logical to both companies and with the recent changes in QSS’ product line-up, both QSS and Bosch felt that there was an opportunity to work together. 

“For both companies it appeared to be a logical step and it was only a matter of time before we made contact,” Dellenty explains. 

Will Bosch get involved in training Q people on the CCTV range?

“Absolutely,” says Dellenty. “We have already planned the first training session for QSS and it will be held during May prior to the Security 2014 Exhibition. Bosch has a comprehensive range of video systems product and regularly releases new technology to the market, so we’ll be providing training to the QSS team on an ongoing basis.”

“Bosch Video Systems products will now be available from far more locations across Australia through QSS, as well as through our existing network of distributors, and our own Bosch locations”

“We look forward to working with QSS on big project opportunities, too,” he says. “We have a business development team that is active in every state generating project opportunities for Bosch products, plus a design team to assist the QSS team when a customer brings a project opportunity to them.” 

Rob Rosa of QSS

Meanwhile, QSS COO Rob Rosa says that from a QSS perspective, a partnership with Bosch was a perfect fit. 

“Bosch is a powerful brand and QSS has a true national footprint, the main service and repair centre in Laverton North, and mini service centres at each of our state locations,” Rosa says. 

“We have technicians on hand to support our client base, as well as all of the value-adds required to support the Bosch product. The decision for QSS was an easier one than you may think. We felt that the Bosch product was the correct fit for our business given – all our products complement each other nicely.”

From QSS’s point of view, what will Bosch CCTV gear give QSS it did not have before? Where does Bosch fit into the QSS product suite?

“Bosch’s CCTV range will take over from the Samsung product for QSS,” Rosa explains. “The Bosch range is extensive, it is high quality and the pricing is ultra-competitive particularly on the Advantage line CCTV. Bosch compliments our other brand offerings such as AD, DVTEL, FLIR, NUUO and QVS. 

“I suppose the answer to your initial question is that Bosch allows us to compete against brand name products in the market place,” Rosa says. “But in saying that, all our brands have been selected for particular reason. One thing we won’t do at QSS is bring a product to the table just for the sake of having a brand name – all our brands need to perform and Bosch does perform. We have an obligation to all our partners to ensure they grow along with our business and we see this as a long term relationship as opposed to being a short term market grab.”

A key driver at QSS is a high level of service for all its products. That means training in the Bosch product for QSS staff, as well as QSS customers? 

“Absolutely – our facility at Laverton North as well as all our sales branches will have Bosch CCTV training sessions (these dates will go up on our website in June) and we will offer in house repairs, warranty, configuration, training and Q Professional Services for the installers that require this service,” says Rosa. 

“Our new website to be launched in late June will have a training calendar for clients to access once they log in and will be able to inquire about courses. In the meantime, people can contact their local QSS branch and get full details on training and dates.”

Given the changes at QSS over the past 8 months will there be more partnerships soon or is the alliance with Bosch the last the electronic security market will see for 2014?

“QSS is expanding and growing,” Rosa says. “We are very excited with what the future holds now that we have some of the best brands in the security industry. As for new alliances/partnerships, as I mentioned previously, it is about being true to our vendors, clients and our business. 

“The point of having too much product as opposed to too many gaps creates its own challenges. QSS is mindful that our partners have placed much faith in our business and therefore we will continually evaluate our performance in this competitive market place. One thing I am 100 per cent certain of is that our clients can expect great prices and old-fashioned customer service.” 

Rosa says he’s very happy with the QSS business. 

“All of our people have worked extremely hard and the team is united and very happy with what has occurred to date,” he says. “We have a great growth strategy, solid product coverage and a great footprint. I am very mindful of the fact that you can have one and not the other and it will all come apart. I have witnessed this before. 

“We need to ensure that we continue to stay grounded and not arrogant about what the client base needs or how we do business in order to support our clients and their clients,” Rosa says. 

“QSS truly understands the challenges of the integrators and end users in this market place and this understanding forms part of the turnkey solutions we can provide. All in all, QSS is ready for a big year.”

“We are very excited with what the future holds now that we have some of the best brands in the security industry”