Intek, a subsidiary of Hills, is equipping a group of Transdev ticket inspectors in Auckland NZ with body worn CCTV cameras for a 3-month operational trial. 

The cameras will capture high quality audio and video of interactions, and will provide the opportunity to take a still photograph of a fare evader to support a Transdev network ban issued to non-compliant travellers. Additionally it is anticipated the cameras will provide a strong deterrent to anyone considering abusing or assaulting a staff member or other customers in the vicinity.

Fare evasion is an ongoing issue for public transport throughout the world – Auckland is no different. With fare evasion currently between 4 and 5 per cent and revenue lost to fare evasion estimated at almost $NZ1.5 million dollars per year, additional measures are required to make travel costs fairer for everyone.

Transdev has a team of around 50 ticket inspectors checking train customers at stations and on trains to ensure they are travelling with the correct ticket and, as part of their revenue protection efforts, Transdev is committed to a programme of ongoing improvement. 

The use of the cameras and network bans will be evaluated at the end of the trial period, for example:

* What did the public think of the use of the cameras and network bans?
* Were the cameras and network bans effective in reducing fare evasion rates?
* Did the cameras influence the behaviour of fare evaders, either positively or negatively?
* Did staff find the cameras a useful tool?

The use of the cameras (and footage) will be in full compliance of the Privacy Act 1993 and best practice guidelines set out by the NZ Privacy Commission.