SFERE has appointed Q Security Systems as a national distributor of BPT intercom products, which include IP and hybrid solutions for domestic, high-rise residential and commercial buildings.  

It’s a big win for QSS, rounding out the company’s offerings with one of the intercom segment’s best-known brands. And QSS COO Rob Rosa says his company intends to take BPT intercoms aggressively to market. 

“BPT offers one of the most advanced and yet easiest to install intercom solutions with a level of flexibility and scalability you’d expect from a market leader,” Rosa said. 

“We believe BPT’s IP and hybrid solutions give us yet another edge against competitors, especially where flexible building infrastructure is required.

“This new relationship with BPT Asia Pacific is part of our continuing drive into lateral markets and it empowers installers with flexible new solutions that complement our existing technologies.

“Our national QSS sales team has just gone through an intensive sales and technical training course over the past several weeks carried out by the SFERE Group team and is fired up and keen to get started,” Rosa said.

Meanwhile, Don Tummillo of SFERE, which holds local distribution rights for BPT Asia Pacific, said the agreement with QSS was carefully planned to obtain major brand exposure via QSS’ big national branch network across Australia, a footprint which offered excellent stock availability and local technical support.    

“This partnership comes at a key moment in the development of intercom technology,” Tummillo explained. “Intercom solutions are transitioning to IP-based structured applications. It’s a shift that offers many opportunities for BPT products to assist integrators with ease of installation and many flexible user features, such as intercom connectivity via smartphone apps.”

Rosa is pleased with the deal and said he’s been itching for weeks to get the good news out to the company’s customers. 

“BPT is right up there with the market leaders when it comes to Audio Video Door Phone Systems,” Rosa said. “BPT solutions range from domestic systems, all the way through to high rise multi-tenant multi-block residential and commercial buildings.”

“It’s a very exciting time for Q Security Systems with new people and products and this latest addition to our product offering in BPT Intercoms.”