RAYTEC has expanded their flagship range of VARIO illuminators to include a new, all-in-one Infra-Red and White-Light solution – VARIO Hybrid. 

VARIO hybrid seamlessly combines Raytec's latest infrared and white light LED technology into a single unit for easy installation and increased functionality. 

Illumination on demand is highly effective at deterring crime and increasing user safety as well as reducing a lighting system's running cost and environmental impact. 

VARIO Hybrid features include interchangeable lensing to quickly and easily match the beam pattern to the camera FOV, elliptical beam patterns with hot-spot reduction technology for enhanced images and greater distances, LED status indicators for easy diagnostics, and a hand-held VARIO remote control for easy set-up and adjustment from ground level.

Distributor: Hills PACOM and Hills DAS 
Contact: 1800 685 487

Distributor: Suretek

Contact: 1300 65 44 33