Today sees the start of the 26th Security in Government (SIG) conference at the National Convention Centre, Canberra.  

The theme for the SIG 2014 conference, Mitigating the trusted insider threat is timely and relevant given the Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning revelations that continue to cause difficulty for governments.  

Dr William Claycomb, Lead Research Scientist, CERT Insider Threat Center, Carnegie Mellon University, USA will speak to The Sociotechnical components of insider threat detection on Tuesday 2 September.  He will provide an insight into his primary research interest focus of insider threat, specifically prediction, detection and mitigation.

On Wednesday 3 September Jeff Schmidt, Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Atlantic Council, USA will give the keynote address on Managing risk in cyber space. Jeff will discuss risk transfer, cyber insurance which is currently a favoured mitigation strategy in the US and will also reference case studies on recent high profile cyber breaches.

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