INDIGOVISION Ultra 2K delivers rich, Full HD video and image clarity. Even in low light, you can easily identify people or objects with powerful digital zoom and incredible image detail.  

Ultra 2K range offers IndigoVision’s smart core technology which offers features such as guaranteed frame rate, ultra low latency, highly efficient compression, AAC hi-fidelity audio, built-in analytics, superior diagnostics and multi client connections. 

Ultra2K offers not only full frame rate, but those frames are guaranteed not to drop. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of >39db with a WDR of 100db. There’s low light capability of 0.03lux, 50IRE at 1/30s shutter. Ultra 2K camera achieves >850TVL of full frame resolution claiming the 1080P top spot in image quality.

Distributor: Indigovision – Integrated Products
Contact: 1300 055 164