VIVOTEK has announced its first video content analysis (VCA) application package, which includes 3 key functions: Field Detection, Line Crossing Detection, and Object Counting. 

The Field Detection feature allows users to define a zone in the field of view for automated monitoring. Whenever a person or object either enters or leaves this zone, the event is automatically detected, and notification is sent to the video management server or other back-end infrastructure. 

Line Crossing functionality is used to set up a virtual line within the camera's field of view so that when a person or object crosses the line from left to right or both at once, the event is detected. In addition to obvious security applications, the Field Detection and Line Crossing could be used to demarcate a zone in the field of view corresponding to an area in physical space where access is restricted.

The Object Counting software accesses the precise numerical data provided by the Object Counting algorithm can to provide a reliable basis for users to make business decisions, improve service, increase operational efficiency, perform in-depth analysis, and more.

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