The new Geutebruck security information management system G-SIM combines cameras and alarm inputs in an intuitive graphic interface. 

Access and representation are flexible, from a simple workstation to monitor walls to a tablet. By simply dragging and dropping, the screen windows can be customized with dynamic site plans and status-based graphic elements. 

Video search is supported by efficient tools, from metadata search to timeline. It can also be performed directly from other applications and take advantage of additional information, such as process data. Scenes can be linked intelligently to visualize complex processes. This makes it possible to understand what happened, step-by-step. 

Alarms can be reliably processed and prioritized. When an alarm occurs, predefined scenes are automatically activated. If multiple alarms appear simultaneously, G-SIM prioritizes them and organizes the team. 

Extensive user rights management ensures that individual users can only see and do what they are supposed to. 

Distributor: Geutebruck Australia 
Contact: +61 2 8969 6302