RAYTEC has introduced new HTTP commands for controlling its VARIO IP PoE network illuminators from any network device. 

VARIO IP PoE allows for quick and easy remote set up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your CCTV lighting scheme from anywhere on the network 24/7. 

Lighting can be triggered on alarm to deter crime via other network devices e.g. cameras/detectors/VMS. Users can also take instant manual control of any illuminator to respond to live events or fine tune CCTV images, or operate lighting in groups making it much easier and quicker to control large sites.

VARIO IP PoE is also the first CCTV illuminator to be fully integrated into Milestone’s XProtect video management system. Raytec network illuminators unlock the full potential of your VMS and all network devices across your entire site, to create the most intelligent and responsive security system at night.

Distributor: Hills PACOM and Hills DAS 
Contact: 1800 685 487