DAHUA Technology has introduced its first 4K network camera IPC-HF81200E. A 4K camera provides four times the resolution of 1080p, rendering superior image detail and exquisite colors, ideal for large area monitoring.

Dahua 4K camera IPC-HF81200E adopts a 12MP sensor, incorporating a high-performance DSP and offering 12MP (4000 x 3000) at 15 fps and 4K at 30fps preview with a suggested bandwidth at 8Mbps. The IPC-HF81200E also supports multi-functions such as ultra-defog, ROI and IVA including face detection, tripwire, intrusion and scene change, all with alerts. 

“Dahua is among the first manufacturers to introduce a 4K camera, making UHD surveillance something real,” said Peter Pan, product manager at Dahua Technology. 

“A high C/P ratio 4K camera will come out this November and next year, we will offer more 4K camera types to the market so that our customers can find the right 4K camera to best meet their specific demands.”

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