VIVOTEK has announced its compact split-type Camera System VC8201, which is comprised of 2 camera units, CU8131 and CU8171, and a VC8201 video core. 

Designed separately, the bodies of the camera units are much more compact than general network cameras, making them easier to install and harder to notice.

The CU8131 and CU8171, 2 camera units especially developed for the Split-type Camera System, are both designed as recessed dome type. With a 1-Megapixel CMOS sensor and WDR Pro technology, the CU8131 can capture clear and detailed images in environments with sharp lighting contrasts. 

The 5-Megapixel CU8171, featuring a fisheye lens, provides a 180-degree panoramic or 360-degree surround view without blind spots. In addition, the VC8201 video core supports different combinations of the two camera units (up to two 5-Megapixel fisheye camera units) with 8-meter long cables, dramatically simplifying the installation process.

Distributor: Vivotek Distributors
Contact: +886-2-8245-5282