HIKVISION’S DS-2DF7230IX-X is a 2MP 1080p, IP66-rated PTZ camera, distributed locally by Central Security Distribution, that features laser infrared LEDs providing monster long range performance. It’s got great features, too, but they pale when compared with this camera’s core capability. 

Typical of Hikvision’s gear, this camera comes loaded to the gunwales with features like auto tracking, entry zone detection, cross zone detection 4 smart tracking functions and IVA including different scene detection, facial detection, motion detection, audio detection, mask detection. There’s audio I/O, alarm I/O, RS485 control, RJ-45, BNC video output and power.

License plate capture is too easy at closer ranges…

The DS-2DF7230IX-X has a 1/2.8-inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor, zoom range from 4.3mm at the wide end to 129mm at the long, giving a 30x zoom (there’s 16x digital). Other features include continuous horizontal 360-degree rotation, with 10-90 degrees in the vertical plane. The camera has 256 presets, 8 cruise scans, and 4 pattern scans. 

While all this is great, it’s the actual low light capability of the camera that’s sensational. Take a look at the 2 images just above – the first shows the scene in the late afternoon (the hole is 275 metres from the lens). The second image is taken during the night. The day time shot is solid in its own right but the night time image is just a killer. Given its price point when compared with thermal, we are going to see more of laser LED PTZs. ♦

By John Adams