PANASONIC says its new i-PRO Ultra 360 Panoramic indoor camera and IP66-rated outdoor 360-degree camera are the first line of products that utilize the company’s 12MP sensor and 4K Ultra HD engine technologies. 

The cameras produce 9MP (3K x 3K) images at 15fps, 4MP images at 30fps. The 12MP image sensor delivers high sensitivity at less than 0.4 lux. Other features include camera display modes such as Fish-Eye, Single Panorama, Double Panorama, Single PTZ, Quad PTZ and Quad Stream, and through the inclusion of Panasonic’s Super Chroma Compensation (SCC) and Auto Back Focus (ABF) features.

The i-PRO WV-SFN480 and IP66 WV-SFV481 come equipped with advanced analytic options. On-board processors encode up to 2 H.264 streams simultaneously, with options for 2 JPEG modes.

The WV-SFV481 outdoor 360-degree camera features an anti-shock, vandal resistant IK10-rated chassis that also complies to IP66 standards. The WVSFV481 carries an MSRP of $A2431 and the companion indoor WV-SFN480 carries an MSRP of $1924.

Distributor: Hills PACOM and Hills DAS 
Contact: 1800 685 487