NVIEW from Ness Corporation includes a range a 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-channel internet-ready AHD, SDI and IP DVRs designed for easy installation and ease of use.

AHD, or Analogue High Definition CCTV gives high definition 720p and NVIEW SDI and IP systems provide full 1080P at a lower cost than equivalent systems. NVIEW is so easy to connect to set up you don’t need configure routers or play with IP settings at all. Auto networking technology means you just plug in, scan the QR code with your smartphone and view online.

The DVRs feature H.264 compression, full 1080p or 720p real time multi-channel playback, dual video outputs HD 720p and VGA. Dual streaming gives highest resolution on the local DVR and fast smooth video at lower bandwidths for remote viewing. There’s auto-networking for easy internet connection – no IP address, router-mapping or port-forwarding required. 

Distributor: Ness Corporation
Contact: 61 2 8825 9222 or [email protected]