Bosch has announced that effective from March 16th 2015, Q Security Systems will be distributing the Bosch Solution alarm panels, including the ever-popular Solution Ultima, the new Solution 2000/3000, Solution 16i and Solution 6000 access control and alarm panels. 

“Our relationship with Q Security Systems continues to strengthen and prosper,” said Chris Dellenty, general manager, Bosch Security Systems. “The distribution of the Solution series alarm panels completes the picture for QSS’ customers.” 

The alarm and access panel range complements QSS’ existing offering of the broad range of Bosch intrusion sensors, and sits alongside the comprehensive Bosch Video Systems portfolio QSS has been distributing since May 2014. The extended partnership agreement strengthens the Bosch product offering from QSS and enables it to promote a complete Bosch Security Solution.

“QSS is excited with this latest addition to our current Bosch portfolio of CCTV products, making us a true one-stop shop for one of the best security brands in Australia.” said Rob Rosa, QSS chief executive officer. 

“QSS will support the Bosch intrusion products, including launching a 1800 intrusion support line for QSS customers within the next few weeks.”

With 5 offices Australia-wide and more than 50 employees, a technical service centre and a national distribution centre, QSS is well-resourced and experienced in the security industry to provide access and expert support for the complete Bosch Security product range. 

QSS staff have completed comprehensive alarm training on the Bosch panel range to assist with all sales and support enquiries. Bosch will continue to work closely with Q Security to drive marketing, promotions and communication activities.♦