According to access control manufacturers, enterprise access control is either experiencing growth or sales are remaining stable across Australia.

While video surveillance is an optional extra for many companies and government organisations, access control is a key element of every building’s infrastructure. And centralised management of multiple access controlled sites is an imperative that continues to support the enterprise access control market.  

According to Gallagher’s chief technology officer – security, Steve Bell, Gallagher has just come off the back of another strong year.

“We’ve seen success across markets including healthcare, government, entertainment, and education,” said Bell. “And a majority of our access control business is currently driven by projects from our existing customer base, mostly at enterprise level. 

“In general, the demand for both SME and large projects hasn’t grown too rapidly, due to such factors as the upcoming government elections – state-by-state – and tighter restrictions on spending. It is in our experience that the demand for both SME and enterprise access control remains stable in the Australian market.”

Meanwhile, Honeywell’s product marketing manager access systems and home solutions, Sam Hollins, says the company is experiencing growth in its access control business.

“We are growing – enterprise requirements are increasing necessary as the global companies enter Australian space and have the need to interface with their global headquarters,” Hollins said. 

For Steve Katanas of HID, enterprise access control is an area the company sees growth. 

“We expect growth from large enterprises, banks or facility upgrade projects,” said Katanas.♦