DALLMEIER MDF5200HD-DN offers 2K full-HD video with up to 30fps at full resolution. It has a motor-driven MP varifocal lens tuned to the image sensor. Adjustment of zoom, focus and iris is made conveniently by browser, with no manual lens setting required.

MDF5200HD-DN has strong low-light performance, strong IR sensitivity, extreme highlight sensitivity of the sensor and sophisticated image processing. 

Thanks to compact design, the camera is ideal for ATMs, gambling tables and display panels – corresponding mounting brackets are included. As is a ¼-inch tripod socket located on the top and bottom fitting all standard brackets.

The MDF5200HD-DN has RAM memory used by EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure. When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures fast transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream at high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.

Distributor: C.R. Kennedy 
Contact: 61 3 9823 1555